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Basic machine ZUB to modernize old Finzer-/Bebeco-
(multi slide) stamping and bending machines

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The modular stamping and bending machine generation BMS for radial and linear solutions

TImage: BMS 5.3 Modular machine system and control cubiclehe machine series BMS permits any forming and installation operations.

Depending on the production the user has the choice of one/several drive systems, one/several bending units, linear/radial bending module as well as mechanical feeding unit (from all sides).
The combination of the different variations is possible, too.

The machine BMS is characterised by its flexibility, short setting-up times and a high production capacity.


 Modular concept of drive system

 Compatability of connection BEBECO-Finzer and other tools at any turning

 Horizontally/vertically movable bending modules

 Radial or linear bending modules Short setting-up times due to the quick-change system

 Any NC-operations High production capacity and reliability of production process due to cam-
  controlled movements

 Mechanical gripper-feeding unit MFU 500 with a repeatability of ± 0.01 mm
   and a feeding length of up to 500 mm